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As one of the best Global Destination Management Companies based in Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Singapore, we offer personalised holidays for every genre of Inbound Tourist and are currently in the process of introducing branches in Dubai, Malaysia and other notable locations across the world. As a member of the Expolanka Group, our standing in the world of tourism is globally recognised and valued.

With a vast compilation of industry knowledge, our experienced team services tourists seeking all varieties of activities and locations. We take pride in our B2B relationships by providing certified and well-researched vendors, hotels and attractions coupled with exclusive services at attractive rates.


Our customers are given the highest priority whether Free Independent Travellers (FIT) or Group Inclusive Tours (GIT). We pride ourselves in catering to all needs from the moment you land, right throughout your journey, till the moment you depart.

We ensure that all accommodation offered is a minimum of 3-stars or above with a variety of boutique hotels, private beach villas, game lodges, luxury resorts and wellness retreats to choose from. Transportation is provided in spacious and comfortable vehicles such as sedans, SUVs, micro-vans and tour-coaches. We offer around the clock customer service, expert tour guides and reliable drivers to deliver on our service standards with no margin for error. A breakdown of our services include:


You can indulge in a wide range of activities from surfing, camping in motorhomes or caravans, whale watching, trekking, bird watching, boat rides and snorkelling to guided historical tours, mountain climbing, wildlife excursions, and many more. We seek out lesser-known locations that are off the beaten track, thereby offering our customers an unique and memorable experience throughout their journey.

Classic Destinations is also equipped to offer logistical support for specialised operations including location sourcing for international film crews producing feature films, natural history documentaries and travel segments as well as guided tours for photography enthusiasts and bird watchers.

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